About Us

SBKeros is a new concept for the Salsa / Bachata / Kizomba dance community. You must have heard the term Salseros, Bachateros or Kizomberos so the name SBKeros was inspired and created to assist the growing community not just in London but UK and Europe.

What is the meaning of SBKeros? The First 3 letters together is an abbreviation for Salsa / Bachata / Kizomba and  the word eros in Greeck  means “love”

Here you can have free access to 3 London calendars

• Salsa calendar

• Bachata Calendar 

• Kizomba Calendar

Each calendar you can view events happening in London every week as:

Weekly Classes + Socials / Special events may be happening only once every month, a Concert or a Free Event / Courses / Workshops and Man Lady styling

Each calendar will display all above in different colors so it is easy to find what you are looking for.

So, If you live in London or if you are visiting us or maybe you are new to the SBK community, If you love one, two or the three rhythms, SBKeros is the only one – stop place to find where to go.

A new and exciting concept that will help and improve the SBK community bringing all organisers together in one place.

But, SBKeros is more than just London calendars, here you can also access for FREE a calendar with all UK and European SBK Festivals with discounts on FULL passes so, why not join our mailing list and find out more about our discounts and offers?

So now that you know SBKeros will help you find events in London, UK and EU SBK Festivals you may need to contact teachers for Private Lessons where for sure will take you to the next step much quicker than in a group or maybe to start instead of joining a beginners group you could consider a great SBKeros 4 Private beginners offer plus the lessons could well be organised at your own home. Check our teacher’s page and get in touch with us or send an email to a teacher of your choice.

We also organise corporate events to small and large organisations in great venues around London with the full package to give you peace of mind, so leave with us for an amazing SALSA experience with catering, best DJs, Salsa performance shows, a taste of a class, a lot of dancing with our team of taxi dancers and a host to entertain you and all your guests.