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Moved to London in 2007 where she discovered and fell in love with Kizomba. Inspired and focused to fully explore the dance she reached the finals of the 2009 UK eliminations to AfricaDancar! She then joined Studio Afro Latino as a Salsa& Kizomba teacher.Well known for her technic and ginga, she teaches/performs internationally. She also does dance competition coaching and kizomba teacher training. She trained Donny Duddikoff and Nathalie Levif, Karima Chkioua (Glam'Kiz Lyon), Christian Jean-Francois - Latin Quarter, Alexandra Queant and Majid Daki - SAL Lille, Railey Gijsbertha - Na Passada Netherlands, Lukas Encisco - Mundo Style Australia...



Sika Tro