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Richard Voogt


Originally from Cape Town, South Africa, Richard was immediately captivated by the welcoming and eclectic nature of the dance community on his first outing. Having begun his training in the Latin dance genres including Salsa, Bachata and Merengue almost 11 years ago, Richard was naturally connected to the African dance styles of Kizomba, Semba and Kuduro/Afrohouse when he was introduced to them by his dance mentor, world famous dancer and choreographer Manuel Dos Santos, over 7 years ago.Over the last 7 years, Richard has taught and hosted events to engage the community through dance in a variety of capacities including at international dance conventions, university diversity programs, to secondary schools, special needs groups as well as in the corporate world and as part of regular weekly dance classes.Richard has taught at international dance conventions such as the Baltimore Salsa congress USA, 'On the Wave' Latvia Festival, Azembora Perm Kizomba festival and Antalya Mediterranean Latin dance festival. Richard has also performed at numerous festivals such as the LA Salsa Fest, New York Salsa Congress, Aventura Dance Cruise, Criola Beach Festival, Madrid Sensual Dance Symposium and Mzanzi Cape Town Salsa Festival, to name a few.



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