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Originally from the French Indian Ocean island Mayotte, Dani started dancing on stage at the age of 11, and grew up with R'n'B, Hip hop and Zouk, singing and dancing. He first became a salsa tutor in Bordeaux, France, and was widely recognized in the Paris salsa scene for his abilities. On moving to London, he grew to be one of the main London Salsa instructors & DJs, a popular choreographer and performer nationally and internationally. His classes and workshops specialise in Salsa (on one and on two), partner work technique, leading, timing class, and musicality, drawing from other dances such as Street Dance, New York, Cuban and LA style for Salsa. * Read more about me bellow my video...

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Dani K Madre Rumba launch party 2nd Feb 2019

Dani is one of the new innovators in the Latin & Afro-Caribbean dance scene and is known for his unique DJ skills. His music allows you to discover another way to appreciate music, be it African, Caribbean or Latin. Dani K, is also the founder & director of ALCADANZ - a UK awards winner for Best UK Promotion company - and the Choreographer of OTRADANZ, also an award winner for Best UK Salsa performer. In 2013 Dani won four awards for Best UK Promotion company (Alcadanz), Best UK Club night (Sabor), Best UK Salsa school (City Academy) and Best UK Salsa performer (Otradanz). In 2014 he was also runner up for Best UK Tropical DJ.